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Description: PN2 aerospace grade aramid fiber honeycomb exhibits outstanding flammability properties. It is manufactured from DuPont Nomex® paper (or equivalent) and coated with a heat resistant phenolic resin.
Features: • Fire resistant (self extinguishing)
• High strength-to-weight ratio
• Corrosion resistant
• Excellent dielectric properties
• Thermally insulating
• High toughness
• Excellent creep and fatigue performance
• Good thermal stability
• Densities as low as 1.5 lb/ft3
• Over-expanded cell configuration suitable for forming simple curves
• Compatible with most adhesives used in sandwich composites
Applications: PN2 aerospace honeycomb uses include aircraft galleys, flooring, partitions, aircraft leading and trailing edges, missile wings, radomes, antennas, military shelters, fuel tanks, helicopter rotor blades and navy bulkhead joiner panels.
PN2 honeycomb is available in sheets, blocks or cut to size pieces in both regular hexagonal and over expanded (OV) cell configurations.

Cell Sizes: 1/8″ – 1/4″
Densities: 1.8 pcf – 9.0 pcf
Sheet “Ribbon” (L): 48″ typical
Sheet “Transverse” (W): 96″ typical
Tolerances: Length: +3″, -0″ (36″ for OV)
Width: +6″, -0″
Thickness: ±.006″ (under 2″ thick)
Density: ±10{546f995f8e07dcde72941e6b29ddf642e13b93b193c53f1fb482a6542999ec26}
Cell Size: ±10{546f995f8e07dcde72941e6b29ddf642e13b93b193c53f1fb482a6542999ec26}
NOTE: Special dimensions, sizes and tolerances can be provided upon request.
Data Sheet:

(includes mechanical properties) PN2 Aerospace Grade Aramid Fiber Honeycomb (58.3 KiB)