Ürün Açıklaması


All Barrday facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Specific facilities are also AS 9100 certified to support the aerospace market. In addition, we are ITAR compliant. Barrday ensures that our customers’ needs are met by conducting relevant testing on raw materials, all stages of production and finished products. We derive many of our test methods from ASTM and other international standards.

Standards to which we test and comply include:

–              MIL-STD-662F

–              NIJ 0115.00 Stab testing

–              NIJ Standard-0101.04 and 0101.06

–              HOSDB Stab / Ballistic testing

–              AMS 3901C

–              AMS 3902E

–              ASTM VOLUME 7 – Multiple Test Methods

–              MIL-DTL-64154B

–              FAR 25.853

–              MIL-R-9300B

–              MIL-L-62474

–              MIL-H-44099

–              MIL-H-44177

–              MIL-R-7575C

–              MIL-R-25506

–              Among others

We conduct detailed quality inspections and have rigorous procedures in place to assess product quality and performance. Process monitoring and standard work practices are used to reduce product variation. Specific quality controls in place include:

–              Supplier and subcontractor approval and monitoring.

–              Incoming material inspection and approval including supplier certificates of analysis, validation and physical testing.

–              In process quality control through statistical process control, workmanship standards, process and equipment setup audits and first piece testing.

–              Finished product approval through pre-defined quality testing

–              Certificates of analysis and conformance with full traceability to raw materials.